It’s almost that time, once again, for Black Friday, when shoppers around the world prepare to brave the crowds in search of bargains. Though originally an American tradition, like Big Macs and over-sized soft drinks it’s been exported around the world, for better and worse. A lot of UK bricks-and-mortar stores try and avoid the Black Friday frenzy due to bad publicity in recent years (see the final image in this guide), but plenty offer tasty deals online. The official day is on 25th November, but you can also expect discounts before and after.

From a Nintendo perspective this festive season has a few big hitters. One of which is the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System, which has unfortunately been difficult to track down after initial stock sold through; more is promised before Christmas. Pokémon Sun and Moon is also big news, and as a result 2DS and 3DS bundles and deals are sure to be prominent. On top of that, game discounts and neat merchandise will be ever-presents for Nintendo.

We’ve started to compile some of the best deals and most useful links for Black Friday so far; at the moment some of these are just inexpensive rather than conventional deals, but we’ll be updating frequently as the day approaches. You’ll find handy broader retail links after some individual deals. Bear in mind that some of these are affiliate links, so a small percentage of sales may go to Nintendo Life.

We’ll be updating this guide daily up to Black Friday, and then every few hours once the discounts pick up speed.

Hardware Deals


  • LG 55UH605V 55 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV WebOS (HDR Pro, Local Dimming, ColorPrime Pro, Ultra Surround) – Silver – £599.00 @
  • LG 43UH603V 43 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV WebOS (HDR Pro, Local Dimming, ColorPrime Pro, Ultra Surround) – £399.00 @
  • Sony Bravia KD55XD8005 55-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 Model) with TRILUMINOS Display, PlayStation Now, Google Cast – Black – £844.55 + Upto £100 off a Sony Soundbar @
  • Sony Bravia KD55XD7005 55-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 Model) with Youview, Freeview HD, PlayStation Now – Black – £769.00 + Upto £100 off a Sony Soundbar @

3DS Hardware

2DS Hardware Bundles

Wii U Hardware

Game Deals

3DS Games

Wii U Games

Accessory Deals





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Here are some quick links to UK retailers with the biggest deals:

NES Mini

Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System – Will I Be Able to Get One?

If you want a NES Mini all hope is not lost, but it’s going to be difficult. More stock roll-outs are expected through December, so it’ll be a case of keeping vigilant and being ready to pounce. Sites like Amazon and the official Nintendo UK Store will be worth following, and we’ll keep an eye out for stock updates.

Don’t give up yet!

New 3DS

2DS or New Nintendo 3DS? Which is the Best Deal?

For the most part the ‘original’ 3DS and 3DS XL aren’t seen too often nowadays, though some XL models may be available at bargain prices.

The choice of whether to go for a New Nintendo 3DS model is about convenience, primarily. If you have amiibo and enjoy those features, New systems are ideal with their in-built scanner, whereas the older 3DS XL and 2DS require an accessory to use the figures and cards. Aside from that the main benefits of the New 3DS (that are actually used) are improved 3D stability, making it far more effective than older models, and slightly quicker performance with eShop downloads.

If you can live without those extras or are buying for a young gamer in particular, the 2DS is a bargain option. With a low price and deals / bundles taking it lower, it strips away the 3D effect and clamshell design but delivers a sturdy and solid bit of kit.

Wii U

Is It Still Worth Buying a Wii U?

There’s no getting away from the fact that the Wii U is close to its end, effectively discontinued and with only one major game still to come; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will also be on the new Nintendo Switch, it must be said. If you can find a Wii U in a firesale, though, there’s reason to consider it.

The back catalogue has some fantastic games, and in terms of local multiplayer in particular no other current-gen system offers as much high quality gaming. It’s backwards compatible with your Wii games, and also uses Wii Remotes and other last-gen controllers. For families or Nintendo fans that skipped it up to know, a cheap Wii U can deliver a lot of belated thrills.

Black Friday madness

When Is Black Friday 2016?

The big day is set for Friday, 25th November – a day after Thanksgiving in the US. That said, there are some pre-Black Friday deals kicking around, especially online; we’ll report some of the better deals in news articles. Cyber Monday is also a time for discounts, which will take place on Monday, 28th November.

Looking for PS4 bargains? Our buddies at Push Square can help you with their UK Black Friday PlayStation Deals guide.

As always, point us to any great deals that are missing, and we’ll update this guide right up to and during the big day.

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