Google’s latest endeavour is proof why computers don’t quite have the creative minds required to become fashion designers. In Project Muze, a partnership between Berlin-based fashion retailer Zalando and Google, Google’s Tensor Flow AI uses responses to five questions to then design a garment that fits your answers. Every result I’ve seen so far is, well, not great.

Project Muze creates its fashion monstrosities by drawing upon a neural network that’s been trained on design preferences like colour, style and texture from over 600 trendsetters and Google Fashion Trend Report information. By simply asking about your gender, age, mood, favourite art style and music interests, Muze goes away and creates the perfect piece of clothing for you. The trouble is, it’s very similar to every other garment it seems to produce – many of my designs were ponchos with something underneath them and almost all of them would never be given the time of day on a fashion runway, let alone on the high street.

If you’re wondering how Muze came to such a strange conclusion, you can find out about your “design story”, where Google’s AI explains what factors influenced your creation.

In the end, though, this is just meant to be a bit of good fun. Perhaps they’ll inspire some new threads for Bjork’s next virtual-reality outing, but chances are not even she would be caught dead in some of these monstrosities.

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