Sydney has come along in leaps and bounds over the last five years when it comes to bar culture. For many long, hard years, Sydney had pubs – and lots of them, and some very good ones – but not real cocktail bars or lounges. There are heaps now, but I have to admit, this is one area where our greatest rival still has the edge.

Melbourne still has the edge when it comes to drinking holes.

Now it’s getting a new one, and one focussed at something close to our hearts – eSports. GG EZ bar is opening in August, and it’s about more than just gaming. It’ll feature restaurant-grade food (which, honestly, doesn’t mean much – I’ve eaten at some shit restaurants), cocktails, and state of the art screens to watch your favourite games on. There’ll even be bubble tea, because that is a thing now.

But it won’t let you play those games.

“We won’t be having playable games at the bar because I want to make a dedicated esports bar that’s closer in style to a cocktail or sports bar rather than a gaming bar,” said the bar’s owner Lachlan McAllister. “I truly believe that eSports is a valid form of entertainment in its own right, much like traditional sports, and it’s time it gets its own venues. Doing this we can introduce as many new people as possible to the idea that watching esports is just like watching traditional sport and we think that tying it in with playable games at the bar inhibits its ability to be perceived as its own unique product.” 

GG EZ Bar opens late August, at 93-95 Queen Street in the city.

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