GameStop occasionally sends out new surveys to its PowerUp Rewards members, since ostensibly these are the people who spend the most at the store. Someone over at NeoGAF has posted the following screenshot which they say is part of a survey they were in the middle of taking that asked about how much they spend during the summer on games.

After that question, the following passage mentioning a $99 Summer Pass idea pops up. The pass would run from June to August and would allow unlimited swapping of one game at a time, similar to the way GameFly operates now. GameFly charges $15.95 a month, whereas GameStop’s solution comes out to $33 a month.

There’s some interesting advantages to this, though. GameFly’s biggest flaw is how long it takes to get a disc into your hands after you’ve shipped one off, especially if you’re on a single disc plan and you’re waiting to receive a new game after shipping an old one off. There seems to be the same amount of GameStop stores around as Starbucks, so the added cost may be worth it for an endless summer of games.

What do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in doing?

[via NeoGAF]

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