Howdy, kids! It’s that time of the week again, which is actually a little unfortunate, because this week’s top pop-culture story is unfolding as I type and may well be out-of-date by the time I hit publish. Nonetheless, let’s persist — home time won’t bring itself. 


Our first bit of news this week comes from the Star Wars universe, and the beleaguered set of Disney and Lucasfilm’s untitled Han Solo movie. We haven’t seen much from this one since the cast and crew shot we got a few months ago, where everyone was grinning and happy and excited — except Donald Glover who… maybe knew something we didn’t. Fast forward to this week and the news that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have left the project with only weeks of shooting to go. Nay, that they have been fired. Needless to say, a big film losing it’s directors at such a late stage is rare and not a good sign, but thankfully, today we got word that the project has a new director, in plucky can-do kid Ron Howard. Um… yay? This leaves us with the big questions: what happened? And, more importantly, what does Twitter think? If you don’t have much on for the weekend, you’re in luck, because I am guessing there are going to be plenty of thinkpieces dropping on this one over the next couple of days. So many thinkpieces. 


And, if you’re wondering what’s currently happening with the directors of the, ahem, real Star Wars movies, wonder no more! Nothing! But Colin Trevorrow — the director of Episode IX — did have a film come out this week, and, well… this is terrifying. A warning: this is an extremely detailed review that you don’t want to read if you’re planning to see this movie, because it is spoileriffic as heck. But, despite what the review begs of you, you really shouldn’t be planning to see this movie anyway, so you should be fine. Really. 


Star Trek fans are having a better week, with Star Trek: Discovery finally getting a premier date. I can save you a click and tell you that the first two episodes will be landing on CBS All Access on September 24th (likely hitting Netflix in Australia on the 25th, because we live in the future), and that the 15-episode season will follow the format usually reserved for cable series and be split into two halves. But it’s happening! It’s really happening! 


Also happening: a seventh season of Game of Thrones. A new trailer dropped this week and, of course, this means a new batch of theories about what it all means. The good news is that you’ve only got to wait a couple more weeks to find out if any of them are correct, but if you’re very impatient and have some free time and want to come up with a few theories of your own, some very helpful folk have broken the whole thing down into a few dozen easy-to-examine gifs, so go forth and espouse with confidence. 


With Game of Thrones nearing it’s (probably bloody) conclusion, and The Leftovers wrapping up a couple of weeks ago, it looks like both HBO and Damien Lindelof have some space on their schedules, and this week there are reports that they might be filling some of that space with a new adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. At this point, details are sketchy but it looks like this new series will have nothing to do with Zac Snyder’s 2009 movie adaptation or his 2015 plans to make his own series. As ever, watch this space. 


Across the ditch, two more tv-makers with some spare time on their hands are in talks to bring another classic property to television. Again, details are sketchy but it looks like maybe Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss might be turning their focus from eccentric detectives to blood-sucking creatures of the night. Now, in the great Holmes wars of the early-mid 2010’s, I am a diehard member of #TeamElementary, and I am also old enough to have lived through more than one boom in pop-culture vampire popularity, so I confess to being a little sceptical, but good luck to them. I hope I’m proven wrong. 


Still on television, Marvel’s The Defenders is now less than two months away from our Netflix screens, and this week we got five new motion posters (…) and one poster poster to further whet our already voracious appetites. Of course, there’s one very obvious flaw with this promo material, which PC & Tech Authority alum and all-round good guy Nic Healey has taken it upon himself to fix over on the twitter. Yes, that’s much better indeed. 



And the good news just keeps coming for DC, with Wonder Woman hitting another box-office milestone this week, and news emerging that Patty Jenkins is working on, if not directing (officially) (yet) Wonder Woman 2, which is somehow not even officially greenlit (yet). This success has, of course, had some interesting consequences, including the leaking last month of the never-produced script for the 2006 Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script. Given Whedon is writing and directing the upcoming Batgirl movie, this is… somewhat worrying, but it was ten years ago and it was just a draft and Buffy was still amazing so maybe? This will all be okay? Right? Right? 


Finally this week, some light reading for your weekend. I don’t know about you, but I love a good oral history, and the more needlessly-detailed and obscure the better, so this deep-dive into the making of 1996 Playstation hit Crash Bandicoot is a must-read. At a little over 19,000 words of useless facts and far-too-detailed anecdotes, it’ll make you feel like you were there. 


And that’s all for this week. Keep watching the skies, and we’ll convene again next Friday!

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