Howdy, troopers! It’s been a quieter week on the pop-culture front, which would usually have me lamenting, but after last week’s onslaught, it’s nice that the studios are letting us all catch our breath. That said, there’s still plenty happening, so let’s get to it, shall we?


First off, as is (oft-ignored) tradition: Star Wars. This week we got word that the team behind Star Wars Episode IX, which is in development at the moment, has just grown by one. English Writer Jack Thorne — who has worked on TV shows such as Skins, National Treasures and Glue and is perhaps best known for writing the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — has been brought on to… rewrite? polish? complete? the screenplay by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. This is the kind of thing that sounds bad but happens all the time, so it’s nothing to worry about — unless it is. Check back here in 2019. 


Moving on to DC news, just a week after Comic-Con, they’ve released a new(…ish) Justice League trailer. Aquaman speaks! Finally! But beyond that one additional line of dialogue, this is just a slightly recut, shorter version of the big trailer they released last week, so maybe worth noting if you’re a huge fan of the burly guy from beneath the sea, but otherwise… 


Guess who’s not going to be appearing in the Hellboy re-boot (assuming, of course, hell doesn’t freeze over any time in the next couple of years)? And, definitely more surprisingly and somewhat more importantly, guess who is? Which, of course, begs the question, between Season Two of American Gods, and this, when is Ian McShane going to find the time to star in that Deadwood revival that was looking like a near-sure thing a few months ago but that everyone’s gone very silent on since? Is this another case of Hollywood giving with one hand and taking away with the other? Why? WHY, HBO? 


Sorry. Speaking of giving, this could be up there with the best Christmas presents you’ve ever got. At it’s recent mid-year update, Aussie streaming service Stan announced that they would be bringing you Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams — a 10-part anthology based on Dick’s short stories and featuring acting and writing talent like Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Ronald D. Moore and the aforementioned Jack Thorne. On the upside, this is so much better than it ending up on Foxtel. On the downside? Stan is also reviving Romper Stomper, so, once more, one hand giveth, the other… giveth something nobody really needs in 2017. Swings. Roundabouts. Etc. 


Speaking of things making the jump from the big screen to the small, it looks like US Cable network Starz is going to be turning the stalled-then-cancelled fourth installment of the Divergent franchise into a TV series. Details are scant right now but if you were wanting more from this world (and given the box-office returns, you’re… in the minority), this is how you’re likely to be getting it. Small-w woot. 


Also not earning much more than a small-w woot — from this writer, at least — is the latest clip from Marvel’s Inhumans. Now, I know. CGI has come a long, long way in a short period of time, but it still has its limits, and… Medusa’s hair seems to be one of them. It’s looking better than it was in the original trailer we got a couple of months ago, but it is still… not great. I know it seems like a small detail to be harping on, but it’s Medusa’s HAIR. It is very much not a small detail especially given nothing else about this series is particularly note-worthy. 



And so, we move on. First to a series of new images from Marvel’s much more exciting-looking Defenders, which is coming in — count them two weeks. I personally love how little Iron Fist these feature, and how many bad-ass women are crowding him out. We also got some new character posters this week from Star Trek: Discovery, and while they’re not revealing anything new, they are pretty pretty. 


Off-screen all together, this week we got word that LEGO is, finally, thirty-something-odd years after the television show premiered and changed all of our lived forever, taking Voltron LEGO into production. This is both exciting — because Voltron LEGO! That lets you make the lions and then put them together to form Voltron! Is coming! — and frightening — because stepping on Lego in the middle of the night remains one of the most painful things in all of the world and this means it’s probably going to happen more. It’s unlikely we’ll see this in stores any time before 2019, but in the meantime, a friendly reminder that the newest season of Voltron: Legendary Defender hits Netflix today. 


If LEGO robots aren’t big enough for you, maybe you should check out Megabots. They’re an American Robotics company that has, for the past two years, been working on a mega… bot… to challenge their Japanese equivalent in a robot showdown to end all robot showdowns. Well, after several delay, it looks like this is finally going to happen next month, and this week we’ve got our first look at America’s Giant Fighting Robot, who’s been shipped to a secret location ready to take on his opponent. God Speed, you giant hunk of metal. May you still be just one giant hunk of metal when this is all over.

And if those two bits of news haven’t got you pulling out the toy box and getting creative, maybe this piece from Polygon will. I mean, if Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland and Ezra Miller aren’t too cool to get excited about action figures, nobody is. 


And on that note, I’m done. Have a good weekend, folks!

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