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Well, it feels like that time of year again: another week, another piece of Star Wars news. The pattern is familiar now: rumours of impending announcement, confirmation of impending announcement, announcement, excited squealing, gushing takes, I’m-too-cool-for-this takes, I’m-too-cool-to-be-too-cool-for-this takes. And so on and so forth until all the takes are done and we move on. Well, that’s how it usually goes. With this week’s announcement of the title of the upcoming standalone Han Solo movie, we… kind of missed a few steps. Yes, there were the rumours, and then there was, indeed, an announcement — on Twitter, no less! — but then we seemed to go straight to the backlash. And jokes. And outright derision. And jokes about the soft drink of the same name (best ones, in my opinion *ahem*). 

As far as reactions to Star Wars announcements go, this is pretty lukewarm. Luckily, there’s — if the rumours are to be believed — a trailer on the way, which should go some way to comforting everyone who’s a little confused right now. And lets be honest: whether it’s called Solo: A Star Wars Story or Han Solo Goes To Washington, it’s going to be a massive blockbuster, so ¯_()_/¯.

Getting a better reaction from the internet this week is the offical trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther, which is a two-minute power-punch of intensity and action. This feels different to the trailers for the last few Marvel releases, relying much less on humour and quirkiness and focussing more on action and drama, without getting all dour like DC trailers to do. In short: I’m very much looking forward to this one.

But first, there’s another Marvel release we’ve got to get out of the way. The reviews for Thor: Ragnarok are out and for the most part they’re pretty positive, but that hasn’t slowed the movie’s marketing team down one little bit. Just this morning we got yet another promo to whet our appetites, and there are so many clips around that it almost feels like they’re not saving anything for the big screen. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but — and I haven’t seen it — if there’s a movie where ‘all the best bits are in the trailers’ is a risk, this… with it’s many epic, amazing trailers, is it. Fingers crossed!

And Marvel are having a bit of a week, because that’s not anywhere near it for them this week. Yesterday we also got the official — very violent, very bloody, very intense trailer — for their next Netflix release, The Punisher. Along with a very, very long-awaited release date. Even allowing for the cancellation of the show’s New York Comic-Con panel earlier this month after the Las Vegas shootings, it feels like Marvel and Netflix have been quite slow to give us anything on this, especially given the release date is less than a month away! That’s often a worrying sign, but let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet (except one: love it or hate it, there is is going to be a loud, thwomping, bloody, violent beast of a show). 

In the lead-up to that big announcement, we also got a little bit of a teaser about the upcoming third season of Daredevil, which is coming… sometime next year. Now, if you haven’t seen the first season of The Defenders, but you plan to, this link is super-spoilery about how that ends, so proceed at your own risk and don’t come crying to me if you end up over-informed. 

Things are a lot quieter in the DC Universe this week but we should at least give them a chance at equal play, so here is a new poster for Justice League, which is, wisely, putting the focus on the two most interesting characters in the movie, but, less wisely, or, at least, somewhat more tediously, still pretending Superman is not going to be a part of this great big superhero adventure. Come on guys, we all know. Let Henry Cavill out to play already! (Also, as a bit of a typography nerd, I am… not a fan of how they’ve handled that tagline. Sigh.) 

Moving right along, remember a few months ago we told you about the Mega Bots, and it was all ‘woah! Giant robots facing off in an international battle to the scrapyard!’ excitement? Well, the international battle to the scrapyard happened this week and it did not look like what was on the carton. In fact, it looked… kind of fake, and — for what was supposedly a live-stream, edited. And that’s because it was. Which, okay, was probably always going to be the case, but it’s still disappointing. In this crazy, crazy world, if we can’t believe in giant fighting robots, what’s left? 

Nature, is what! Believe in nature! Finally this week, a call to get up off your couches and go outside! And for once, I’m serious! It’s okay, I’m not doing anything ridiculous and suggesting you do it during the day, when there are people around and sunlight and stuff. No, I’m thinking a late night stroll to your local playing field or park or (closed) supermarket carpark, maybe, to check out the Orionid Meteor Shower, which is a cool little show that the Real Non-Cinematic Universe is putting on for us Australians this weekend, where bits of Halley’s Comet fly through the night sky every couple of minutes for a few hours. This year’s shower isn’t as intense as some in the past, but it is a new moon, so the sky will be nice and dark so, assuming the clouds clear up, you should get a good show anyway. Hurrah for science and real stuff!

And that’s me done for this week. Until next time, may all your screentime be excellent!

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