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Greetings folks! It’s Friday afternoon, and if you’re reading this, you’ve *almost* made it to the weekend, so congratulations! And well done! And yay for you! And as your reward, you get a weekend — just perfect for absorbing lots of PAX news, or carving out a whole new butt-groove in your couch as you imbibe all of Stranger Things 2 in one long, but beautiful and snack-filled, session, or heading down to your local cinemaplex for a date with the God of Thunder and his technicolour pals… or, ideally, some delightful combination of all three. Yes. 

But first, we have some business to get through, and this week — for a change (an actual one, and not a sarcastic one) — we’re starting on the small screen! Star Trek: Discovery has been dividing opinions and causing much heated discussion for, well, just over a month now, and we’re very pleased this week to tell you, if you haven’t already heard, that it will continue to do so for at least one more season! That’s right, it has — finally — been officially renewed for Season Two. No word on when yet, but given that we’re only getting three more episodes before a hiatus and the rest of season one in January 2018, that’s not surprising. Still: capital-H Hurrah!

AMC’s Preacher — available on Stan in Australia — is a comic-book adaptation that started off slow and uneven before finding its groove and some buzz with second season, and then again kind of falling off the radar. But fans and curious onlookers will be delighted to know it, too, has been renewed, and we can expect a third season of quirky, odd-ball God-hunting in 2018. Praise be! 



Netflix is also bringing the renewal news this week, announcing second seasons for true-crime Serial-spoof American Vandal and animated puberty comedy Big Mouth. Neither of these shows hit Stranger-Things-level zeitgeist when they dropped last month, but they’re both getting a bit of slow-burn word-of-mouth buzz and I’m interested to see where they go next. (There may be dicks involved. Just at a guess.)

Still on Netflix, how do we all feel about Ghostbusters? I’m a card-carrying apologist for last years re-boot, which I thought was a fun, fluffy cinematic time worthy of the equally fluffy original, but I know that’s somewhat of a minority view. Anyway, if you’re more of a fan of the original, you might be kind of chuffed to know that original Ghostbuster Dan Ackroyd has given a theoretical thumbs-up to a Ghostbusters Netflix series. Don’t hold your breath or anything, but given Netflix is very much on the 80’s nostalgia bandwagon, I feel like this wouldn’t be a very surprising move at all. 

In something much more concrete, I’ve been anticipating the Hulu’s adaptation of Marvel’s Runaways for quite a while now. A comic-book series helmed by the creators of The OC might not be everyone’s idea of a good time but it is mine, and the buzz so far has been across-the-board positive, so maybe I’m not the only one. Anyway, this week we got a new trailer for the show, which debuts next month, giving us a bit more of a look at what to expect than we got at NYCC a few weeks ago. 

Our last bit of small-screen news comes from across the pond and is about — what else? — Doctor Who. The new Doctor will be hitting screens this coming Christmas (eight weeks… EIGHT WEEKS! Which on the bright side means there’s only nine weeks left until 2017 is an ugly blight in our collective mental rear-view mirrors…) and this week we finally got to meet her companion and the rest of the cast we can expect to join her on her police-box adventures through time and space.  Hurrah, as the Brits say!

Onward and upward, to bigger screens and much bigger budgets… Justice League is now only a few weeks away from cinemas, and while it might seem like we’ve seen all the trailers there are to see for DC’s Great Big Hope. This week we got one more — the Chinese trailer, which gives us our first up-close-and-personal (if still somewhat blink-and-you’ll-miss-it) look at Steppenwolf, the film’s Big Bad Dude. And still, no Superman. I wonder where he is. Probably dead forever, never to return to celluloid. Or… something. 

Still in the DC Universe, did you know that Deathstroke once came 32nd in a poll of all-time greatest comic-book villains? Well, you do now! And now you’re probably asking, ‘if he’s so popular that he would just scrape into a comic-book-villain World Cup, why has he never been given a major part in any DC movie?’ — the short answer to which is, well, because Ben Affleck is Ben Affleck. But rest assured, if these rumours are true, you might be getting to a huge dose of Deathstroke very very soon (or in 2020, whichever comes first). That’s bound to give the little guy a bump in those old rankings, so get on the bandwagon now!

Finally this week, let’s head over to Japan! The first live-action-and-CGI version of cult-favourite anime Fullmetal Alchemist is due to hit Japanese cinemas on December 1st (you… might have to dig around a little to find it down under *ahem*), and this week the trailer dropped onto the internet for our collective enjoyment. Now, I know live-action adaptations of anime have a bad reputation around here (and, well, everywhere) but I’d just like to assure you that nobody from Hollywood had much to do with this one at all, so it might just be okay! And that soundtrack… *swoons*

That’s it from me this week folks. Have a good weekend, and may whatever pop-culture you feed your eyeballs this weekend live up to the hype!

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