Release date: 2018/2019 

As of 2015, Activision is actively pursuing a multimedia business, by way of Activision Blizzard Studios. And entirely unsurprisingly, chief among its concerns is a Call of Duty movie franchise. More specifically, the publisher is talking about a Call of Duty cinematic universe. Given the game series’ historical jumps between World War Two, Vietnam, modern conflict, and near-future warfare, that actually makes a hell of a lot of sense, provided the venture can find a neat, Marvel-style way of tying together the franchise’ various eras and stories. As for distribution and funding, Acti doesn’t seem particularly concerned about finding partnership deals. Given its own ludicrous cash reserves, it intends to produce its cinematic content independently in order to maintain creative control, and is open-minded about whatever distribution methods might be most appropriate. Read that to mean ‘anything from cinema releases to online distribution is on the cards’.  

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