So officially, all we know is that Ubisoft has confirmed that a new Assassin’s Creed is on the way with more info to appear at E3. However, pop on your Eagle Vision or, y’know, take a look at the entire internet and it turns out that we know one hell of a lot more than that. The screen above, for instance, was leaked on Reddit from the Assassin’s Creed Origins gameplay demo that’ll be shown at E3 and seemingly confirmed an ancient Egyptian setting. 

A slew of other Assassin’s Creed leaks confirmed the return of naval combat, that the new game is being worked on by the team behind Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, and has an even more seamless open world. Well, oh look, now there’s even more. Thanks to 4chan  where it looks like a member of the development team has gone a bit (AC) rogue, we’ve got a stack more unofficial info. I’ve picked out some of the key, errr, “leaks” and exactly how likely it is that each one is actually right. Remember that nothing is true and everything is permitted and we’ll get along just fine.

First off, this Assassin’s Creed Origins leaked screen was real 

This shot that surfaced a few months ago was only covered by a few news outlets but according to our anonymous 4chan poster, was leaked intentionally and was a real screenshot. Apparently the player model has now been updated to the the new character in the more recent watery screenshot. It’s easy to see the similarity with the shield, complete with the Assassin’s logo and almost identical clothing. 

Origins isn’t going to have any towers 

Well there’s a turn up for the books. Literally defining Ubi’s open worlds since the original Assassin’s Creed, synch points are now no more. Forget about clambering up towers and revealing a map of ‘things’ before diving into the nearest shrub, if our trusty leaker is to be believed, you’ve got an eagle companion instead and we’ve even got a placeholder name, ‘Akhom.’ Apparently the eagle will scout the map from anywhere but there’s a distance limit from the central protagonist. This would be a natural step for the series for something a less cookie cutter. Previous rumours have talked about this being a true open world and rather than areas being filled up via towers, it makes more sense for Egypt to unravel in a more natural and unique way.  

Hood up? Hood down? Your choice 

Ok, so funnily enough, if I believe any of these details this is probably the one I believe the most.  “You’ll be able to put your hood up or down whenever you feel like it,” says our anonymous friend with all the knowledge. Why do people care, you ask? Remember when Connor’s hood stayed down after you finished AC3 and how furious everyone got and Ubi has to patch in his hood? Or how there was an actual petition to let us keep our hoods up in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate? Well it would make sense for Ubi to want to fix that and tell as many people as possible. Whood knew it was such a big deal? 

There’s a new modern day hero but fan favourites will return 

Going deeper into the rumour Animus, we’ve also got confirmation of a new modern day protagonist who is already a trained Assassin – so none of that ‘how do I use a hidden blade?’ nonsense – and he interacts with Rebecca, Shaun and William. His mission, should we choose to accept it,  will apparently be handed over by William. It’ll be nice to finally be a proper character again rather than just nameless Abstergo employee. A previous rumour said the modern day action is pretty exciting so going back to a third person perspective and doing actual missions sounds pretty tantalising . 

There are two more games on the way with the same protagonist

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Our new hero will apparently star in two more games in the franchise, a bit like the Ezio series. The follow up to this one will be Greece and apparently the next one is undecided. This makes sense when you look at Ubi’s GIF tease saying “a new era begins.” This could easily mean more than one slice of the action during this time period. Speaking of time period, that’s been leaked too. The post says “last I heard they were slotting it somewhere between 1400 and 1200BCE.” The poster then goes on to say that a piece of Eden has been used during the Exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea which ties into the main mission of the modern day Assassin. 

Combat is more reaction based and free-running is the same as Syndicate and Unity 

But how about those sweet gory counter attacks? Well combat has had a revamp too apparently. Things are less one button and enemies are smarter and will work harder to flank you. The post says it’s similar to The Witcher but easier to grasp. Allegedly it’s difficult to explain without letting people go hands on. Stealth too has been rebooted with more social stealth than the latest few games. We’ll be seeing plenty of hiding in groups of slaves and in crowds. And there’s even details on the series staple freerunning (adding further credence to this being no accidental leak). There will be the same up and down mechanic as Unity and Syndicate but with bonus flair a la Watch Dogs 2. 

Assassin’s Creed Origins release date will be before Christmas 

Well there’s a surprise. Assassin’s Creed Origins will be out before Christmas according to the 4chan poster. This is absurdly likely given the previous iterations release schedule tending to float around October. It’s also worth noting here that this will allegedly be a completely single player experience thanks to Ubi’s concentration on no AC Unity style bugs. The poster repeatedly states that, and that this will be a slick single player experience with no add on apps or bells and whistles. Although the post does mention that there will still be in app purchases just like Black Flag and Syndicate.

The hidden blade will return

And finally, despite the fact that we’ll be in the earliest Creed territory yet, we will have a version of the hidden blade. Just like Altair it will require the removal of the ring finger for use. Other weapons are apparently more traditional to keep to the time period so bows, swords and spears are the order of the day. Nope, no rope launcher for you… 

As ever, this is all conjecture but I’ll keep you updated on the latest on the new Assassin’s Creed. 

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