The latest release of iOS 12 beta suggests the new iPhone will come with dual-SIM support.

We’re not too far away from an iPhone 11 release date – if Apple sticks to its regular September announcements.

The latest news to hit the scene comes hot on the heels of Apple’s iOS 12 beta 5 release, which suggests that we’ll be seeing a dual-SIM iPhone this September. Reports from 9to5Mac reveal that the software includes references to dual-SIM support. 

What’s more, iOS 12 beta reportedly mentions a second tangible SIM tray, meaning the iPhone 11 won’t be confined to a single traty with eSIM support; it’s going the whole (dual-SIM) hog. 

If you’re a tad dubious about using the fledgling iOS to predict the specs and features of imminent devices, you needn’t be. There’s plenty of precedent for Apple foreshadowing its hardware in its software; take iOS 11, for example, of which beta versions included Face ID, Animoji and updated AirPods – before the company had announced them. With this in mind, we’ve got high hopes for dual-SIM tech coming to 2018’s lineup of iPhones. 

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