Hey there! Remember Dragon Quest Builders? It was a pretty neat little Minecraft-esque adventure that say a Western release in the second half of last year. It was out in Japan for a good while before that.

We’re guessing that it was pretty successful, at least in Japan (it seemed to serve a specific niche and then get largely forgotten over here), because Square-Enix has gone forward and confirmed (thanks, Gematsu!) a sequel and the Dragon Quest Summer Fest in Tokyo. 
We totally believe that’s a real thing, by the way.

Although largely overshadowed, we had mostly good things to say about the original game. It was nicely structured, easy to get into and certainly charming. It’s still out there for the PlayStation 4 if you’re willing to dig a bit.

Builders 2 will also be comming to Sony’s console, but it’s the Nintendo Switch version that is likely to garner the most interest.

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