I’d rather not scratch my iPad’s screen, thanks.

Even if you get to hold one headphone and make those ‘wicka wicka’ noises like you’re bossing the school disco? Maybe even raising a hand in the air and pointing at something wicked cool? Well, we certainly enjoyed doing just that – even if we had pretty much no idea what we were doing as we fumbled through WeDJ’s array of chart-topping features.

I prefer my mixes underground, not mainstream.

Cool, cool. Yeah. Us, too. Anyway, you can make whatever mix you want with WeDJ: simply fire up the app, fling in a pair of tracks from your iPad’s library and get mixing. The interface is relatively standard fare for this kind of thing, with a pair of jog wheels, a slider and a host of effects buttons, as well as track waveforms for the truly gifted. If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend a fair bit of time poking random buttons – but it’s all a lot of fun.

So I’ll have to rely on my inner David Guetta to get the gist?

Pretty much, yes. Tutorials are a little limited, but after a few hours of button-tapping, horn effects and haphazard scratching we started to get the hang of it. If you’re more patient than us, you can always head over to YouTube for a host of helpful DJ tutorials that’ll explain what hot cues, loops and samples do – all of which you’ll find in WeDJ.

It’s quite a pro package, then?

You bet – as you’d expect from Pioneer, a manufacturer with plenty of audio form. Besides the well-executed effects and mixing options above, WeDJ also delivers a host of more advanced features, including X/Y effects mixing, as well as the option to record your sickest mixes. Better still, it’s all neatly delivered in a bright-but-subtle skin with no in-app lag to speak of.

I’m more of a physical sort, to be honest.

Not to worry. Pioneer has also released the DDJ-WeGO4, a physical deck replete with wheels, buttons, sliders and more, which works as a dock for your iPad. Stick your Apple Tablet in the top, fire up the app and you’ve got a proper performance setup – though it’s maybe best to practice with the app first. It’ll set you back a reasonable $7.99 from the App Store, which is a small price to pay for future DJ fame.

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