If you’re an existing Spotify user, then this is pretty simple. You know that little button at the bottom of the screen in the Spotify app? You know, the one you press to bring up a list of compatible Spotify Connect devices, like your PlayStation 4 or wireless speakers?

Well, up until now, your Sonos speakers wouldn’t appear in that list. Annoyingly, you’d have to access your Spotify library using Sonos’ own app, which was fine but not always ideal.

Listening to Spotify on your headphones as you get home, for example, and you’d have to hit stop in the Spotify app, then fire up the Sonos app, track down the album or playlist you were listening to, find the song and start it again.

Now, thanks to Sonos’ support for Spotify Connect, you don’t need to leave the Spotify app at all. As you walk through your door, tap the ‘Devices Available’ button at the bottom of the Spotify app, select your Sonos speaker and before you’ve taken your headphones off that exact track will be playing around your home.

Sonos has also ported over support for its multiroom network, letting you play your tracks across multiple rooms, directly via the Spotify app. Hooray for integration!

Oh, and if your Spotify-using mates come around for a spontaneous party, they won’t have to download the Sonos app – they can jump straight into the action directly via their Spotify app. Don’t want them commandeering your carefully curated party mix? Don’t give them your Wi-Fi password!

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