Originally a Dreamcast game that couldn’t-possibly-get-released-outside-of-Japan-oh-wait-never-mind-it-somehow-just-did, Seaman is a game about a creepy fish-man thing that you, erm, talk to.

Many people understandably bounced off of it, but it’s certainly a cult classic. It’s also now looking to be getting a new lease on life. Maybe.

The game’s creator Yoot Saito has tweeted that “Seemingly, a new project is being started. Guess what from the web-address on their back.”

Beneath is an image of the team wearing shirts with “Don’t Panic!” written across them. It’s difficult to imagine this being anything other than Seaman, or at least something related.

We’re certainly a tad surprised. Of the Dreamcast games left without proper follow-ups, we’d have pegged Skies of Arcadia or Chu Chu Rocket or Ecco or practically anything to see new life first. But, hey – everyone has a microphone these days. We’ll take it.

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