The hype is still strong in this one, it seems.

To be fair, it’s the first time it tweeted since December, 2013. Still, it took nothing more than tweeting *beep* for half of the internet to work itself into frenzy.

This is as much as we’ve heard on the game in the past four odd years, as evidinced by the first reply simply reading ‘OH MY GOD’. Then it quickly devolved into talk of wanting to get into the pants of some Witcher babes. Really, internet?

Where do thinngs go from here? One can only presume that there was intent behind this tease. Or at least hope. I mean, I’m sitting here writing a while news post because one game’s Twitter account beeped. Beeped!

This whole thing is going to leave me feeling truly ridiculous if we don’t see something – anything! – of substance soon.


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