We really like Corsair’s Corsair One PC. In fact, they kind of had to pry it out of our hands when we had one for review – it’s powerful, quiet, wonderfully engineered desktop that’s as good for conventional gaming as it is for getting your VR on.

And now it’s just a bit more powerful.

Well, a lot more powerful, in fact, as Corsair’s just announced you can now get one with a mighty GeForce GTX 1080 Ti video card installed. On top of that, the new Corsair One Pro also includes speedy M.2 storage, and up to 32GB of Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM.

The One Pro with just 16GB of RAM on board retails for $US2699, while the juicy 32GB version will set punters back $US2899. Both – as well as a GTX 1080 version, are available now.

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