Heiko Hellwig constructs his compositions by layering together images of printed circuit boards.

To secure the circuit boards he used for his cityscapes, Hellwig purchased old computers from eBay and used friends’ cast-off hardware.

Hellwig photographed the parts of some 50 computers.

Hellwig took apart old computers to reveal the colorful circuitry inside.

He photographed the most unique pieces in his studio in Stuttgart, Germany while standing on a ladder.

The images were taken with a Nikon D850 and 80mm lens.

Hellwig shot the series over two weeks in 2017.

After photographing the circuit boards, he got to work stitching and layering them together in Photoshop to create unique compositions.

The bright colors come from the red and green filters Hellwig placed over his studio lights, as well as from Photoshop.

Hellwig spent up to five hours on each composition in Photoshop.

Hellwig intends the vibrant colors to suggest the bright future the tech industry promises.

The series is named Silicon Cities, invoking the way the circuit boards recall aerial views of urban areas.

Electrical pathways weave through the composition like streets.

Transistors, capacitors, and diodes become buildings and skyscrapers.

It’s a satirical vision of a world overrun by silicon chips.

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