We’ve talked a fair bit about the power of technology and games to affect mental health. We’ve covered how VR’s immersiveness can be used to help treat issues; about how many gamers throw themselves into their favourite game to distract themselves from anxiety and depression. 

And some people, like me, use the rhythm and flow of their gaming habits to track how their condition may be improving or worsening. So it’s not much a of a surprise that I’m getting behind CheckPoint’s new Kickstarter campaign, and why I think you should too.

CheckPoint is all about combining the power of gaming and mental health, and we’ve spoken to them before. Its new project is to create a webseries that focuses what can be a very positive connection.

Two thirds of people never get the help that is available, because it is too expensive, too stigmatised, or they simply do not know about it.

What if we could change that? Research shows that people are much more likely to use the internet to look up their symptoms and try to help themselves, than they are to go to a doctor. We want to help these people to understand what they’re going through, find the resources that are right for them, and let them know – you are not alone. 

The series will feature local and international figures from all sides of the industry, and backers will have a unique chance to influence and shape the series itself. Some of these people have suffered the same issues you may have, or that a friend may be going through, and they all believe that talking about mental health, and destigmatising it, is very important. 

And games are a unique medium through which to do it.

CheckPoint’s aiming for two seasons, with a range of stretch goals, and pledge levels starting from just $10. With 24 days to go at time of writing, the project’s made $21,425 of its goal of $55,000 – there’s a lot of time to get this over the line, so please, give what you can.

This series will make a difference to more people than you can imagine. 


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