And its another Aussie project! And you can support it! If you like Kickstarter! If not that’s okay I guess!

Downloads… UGH.

In this, the age of Australia’s wonderful NBN, I’d like to imagine that no one really worries about downloads anymore. We see a thing we want – OS update, 4K porn file, massive new game with giant textures – and we hit a button and in moments its downloaded and we’re living some happy dream worthy of a marketing spread in a corporate newsletter.

BUT. The fact is it’s a rather uneven rollout, and even those who have this magical new NBN aren’t getting advertised speeds, so really, downloads are still something we might all be worrying about. Which is where new Australian startup Checketry comes in.

Checketry is both the startup, and the name of product, and the product is pretty neat. It’s a download manager that you can share between devices. Start the download on your PC (Windows or Mac) at home before you head off to work, and you can then check in on it to see if it’ll be done by the time you get home, or even pause or shut it down remotely.

The download client currently works with Google Chrome, uTorrent, qBittorrent and Steam, with more browser and client support to come.

Checketry is in the last days of a Kickstarter campaign, and the most basic pledge level that gets you the software is just $10, and that gets you two years of Premium access. And it’s already funded, so this just gets you in on the ground floor of a great deal.

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