This week marks 50 years since – and yes, I’m going to use the cliche – Star Trek beamed onto our television screens. Since then it’s inspired real-life engineers and scientists, and spawned more than a few technologies inspired by the show itself, from tablets to mobile phones, and even space propulsion.

But we’ve never had one of the holy grails of the show – working communicator badge, as made popular by The Next Generation iteration of the franchise. Thankfully, a new Bluetooth comm-badge replica has just fixed that incredible oversight.

The Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge is exclusive to nerdy gift purveyor Thinkgeek, and it does everything you could want – apart from hail the actual Enterprise and get yourself beamed into the 24th century. It connects to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, and it lets you accept can cancel calls with just a tap of the badge, and you can take those calls via the built in speaker and mic. You can also tap it to play or pause audio, and access Siri or Google Now.

And it makes that unmistakeable chirping noise each time.

Pre-orders are open now, ahead of the device shipping in November of this year. Which just happens to be my birthday… If any of the so far dozen of my friends that have PMed, messaged, posted, or called me about this, you know what to do.

Now if only they make a TNG movie version of the badge, this outfit of mine will be complete…

Portrait of the author in his true calling… Happy 50th, Trek nerds.

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