At today’s AMD Fusion launch one of the most interesting things we spotted was actually a non-Fusion device – this Blu-Ray style Acer Revo 2 mini lounge room PC.

It looks like a Blu-Ray player, and is actually a PC – meet the new Acer Revo 2, one of the new lounge room PCs heading to Australian lounge rooms in 2011.

Scheduled to arrive in Australia in April, the Revo 2 eschews traditional PC styling completely, with its slimeline chassis and slideout tablet style touchpad keypad.

Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, with a 500GB hard drive, Nvidia Ion, AMD Athlon II Neo, with 4G DDR3 RAM, gigabit LAN and wireless, the Revo 2perhaps confusingly doesn’t have a Blu-Ray drive. Though in the age of streaming and video downloads, perhaps there’s a reason for that.

The Revo 2 was on show at today’s unveiling of a swag of laptops and all in one PCs with AMD’s new Fusion CPU technology – including the impressive Sony Vaio YB. If you’re after a thin and light laptop in 2011, the price and performance of many of these sub $1,000 laptops mean they should definitely be on your radar.

We’ll have more from the Fusion launch soon.

The Revo 2 with keyboard sitting on top

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