We round up the best Android apps around, for everything from health and security to communication and productivity.

Developer: Skype

Price: Free

Skype for Android has recently experienced a bit of a design overhaul, just like its desktop counterpart. Its messaging feature now supports sharing a whole range of content, including photos, videos and voice messages, while add-ins mean you can share content directly within the application without leaving and opening up another app.

As seems to be the top trend on social media, you can also share highlights of your day with your Skype community, but they’ll only stick around for seven days before disappearing into the ether.

Main Idea: Skype is a free-to-use video calling and instant messaging service.

Inbox by Google

Developer: Google Inc.

Price: Free

Google’s latest email client has organisational features that up the ante from Gmail’s more cluttered design. Highlights help you find the most important information without even having to open a message and similar emails are bundled together for focused content. With a snooze option and reminders, you’ll never forget to get back to a message or task.

Main Idea: If you find important messages lost in the masses or have ever forgotten to reply to a message after reading it, Inbox provides useful tools to keep you on task.


Developer: Memrise

Price: Free (There is a pro version too)

Memrise is a language learning platform which offers over 200 languages to learn. Every time you learn a new word, it’s known as “planting a seed”. In order to keep new words fresh in your mind, you need to revisit them, which is known as “watering” the seed. It will grow a little bit each time, much like the word growing in your memory, and you can make it grow faster by reviewing more memories.

The app also tries to make language learning fun by including facts and languages into games. It will also throw in memes and include short videos of native speakers pronouncing a word correctly. This helps you to stay switched on and enjoy learning the language you’ve chosen and makes it easier to recall certain words if you pair it with the images you see in the app.

Memrise also has a community which helps to add to the multimedia you see when learning the language you have selected. This includes anything from the videos, audio, mnemonics and more that you see while you are studying.

If you have a business trip coming up and need to learn the basics of a language, in a creative, fun and intuitive way, then download this app and try it out. It offers languages such as Spanish, Russian, Chinese and English.


Developer: HelloTalk

Price: Free (upgrade to learn more than one language)

HelloTalk is an app that lets you learn languages by talking to real people around the world. Simply pick the language you want to learn and then search to find native speakers of that language. You can send them a message and begin talking instantaneously. You will find users will reach out to talk to you too, so you will have plenty of people to talk to.

The app offers voice to text, in case you find it hard to make out what your interlocutor is saying, as well as text to voice and transliteration. It includes translation to help you when you need it as well as free calls and grammar correction. Part of the trick is finding a good language partner who you can foster a good relationship with. This is extremely useful if you want to keep up a language or continue to learn it and meet different people around the world online.

Maybe you have a business trip to a foreign country coming up and want to learn the language so you can communicate better when you’re there? Why not start here and you can also learn about the customs and traditions of that country to wow your hosts when you arrive.

You could even find time to potentially meet your language partner in their host country if that’s where they live; if you want a partner closer to home you can also search by distance to see who the closest native speakers to you are.

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