But not anytime soon.

Lag is probably the biggest issue for console gamers getting into the PC hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One. The nearest servers are in Asia, or Europe and North America if you really hate yourself and want to watch a ludicrous kill-cam replay that shows some truly heinous lag.

On PC, Oceania servers offer a much more level playing field – but will the same be coming to Xbox? We reached out to Microsoft, and received the same answer that everyone else is getting:

“The PUBG Corp. team has selected the server structure that best meets the needs of each region and provides the most optimal wait times and gameplay experiences available in each market. In addition to the servers available immediately at launch and with the opening of the Asia server option, the team will continue investigating the need for new servers in different regions to better serve the growing PUBG community on Xbox around the world.” 

Thankyou faceless Microsoft spokesperson – your ambiguous but vaguely positive reply is… well, it’s not much at all.

Wait and see.

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