Between 2006 and 2009, Apple ran a series of ads targeting the main competitor of the company at the time: Microsoft.

Eight years later and things are very different – the opposition has changed, and the stadium has moved. Mobile internet browsing overtook the desktop for the first time last year, and that’s a crossover point to which there’s no coming back from. In the mobile space, there’s only one rival worth worrying about, and it sure as hell isn’t Microsoft. The full statistics from quarter four last year are hidden behind that link, but to save you a click, Android had 81.7% of the market, followed by iOS on 17.9%. The remaining 0.4% was divided between Windows, “Other” and BlackBerry – the latter of which had a marketshare so small it could be rounded down to 0.0%.

So it’s no surprise that Apple’s latest campaign is targeted at the rival with a marketshare worth eating away at. To that end, the company has launched a section of their site dedicated to switching to iPhone, which covers topics such as ease of use, the camera, sustainability, speed and customer satisfaction. Android is namechecked just twice in the page, though given the webpage’s title tag reads “Switch from Android to iPhone – Apple,” I think we can be pretty confident as to who they have in mind.

Still, perhaps Apple’s marketing department regarded that as a bit too subtle, because they’ve now launched three new 16-second adverts on the company YouTube channel, and two of them take a pretty direct swipe at perceived weaknesses in the Android armour. First up: security.

Next, Apple targets the kind of choppiness you can get on low-end Android phones (a little harsh, given that’s down to phone specifications rather than the OS itself, but that’s advertising for you):

Finally, Apple provides a visual demonstration of how easy it can be to relocate all your contacts to their new home:

If you’re thinking all of these are a touch underwhelming, I agree with you. 

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