The update also brings improvements to security and enterprise features.

Apple has released a new update to its High Sierra operating system that offers a permanent fix to the widely reported root password bug and several other improvements to security and enterprise features.

MacOS 10.13.2 should put an end to the problems that have plagued Apple over the past few weeks. The discovery of a critical password exploit in November led to a botched update that not only failed to provide a permanent fix to the issue but also broke file-sharing for many users.

Alongside a fix to the password bug, where users who typed ‘root’ into a user login prompt without a password gained access to the device, the update also adds a number of improvements to the mail app, including the removal of a number of S/MIME encryption bugs, and some fixes to the Intel graphics driver, which was causing unexpected crashes for some users.

There are also a handful of improvements to enterprise features, including bug fixes to the Mac App Store when using proxy connections, and improved compatibility with SMB home directories.

Performance has also been improved when using credentials stored in the Mac keychain, there’s now better compatibility with third-party USB audio devices, and VoiceOver navigation has been improved when viewing PDF documents.

As with any update, it’s worth backing up your data before you install it. Version 10.13.2 is available through the “Updates” section of the App Store app.

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