A leaked internal document sent to authorised resellers outlined the issue.

iOS 11.3, the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system, is now available on all supported iPads and iPhones.The software update, which can be reached through the “General” menu in the Settings app, brings some special new features to the iPhone X, as well as addressing some customer concerns over things like battery life and privacy on other devices.As one of the iPhone X’s flagship features, it’s perhaps unsurprising that iOS 11.3 sneaks some additional Animojis onto Apple’s premium smartphone.

Users can now present themselves as a bear, a dragon, a lion or a skull, as well as all existing Animojis.Across all compatible devices, iOS 11.3 introduces the ability for developers to introduce augmented reality (AR) experiences to their apps via ARKit, that use vertical surfaces like walls, as well as horizontal surfaces, and map more accurately to irregular shapes, such as a round table.There’s also now a battery health check option available in the “Battery” area of Settings, which is likely in response to the controversy over battery throttling, although it’s not explicitly marketed as such.

This feature is only available on iPhone 6 smartphones and newer, however.The company has also introduced a new privacy icon and detailed privacy information with iOS 11.3, which makes it clearer when Apple is requesting access to personal information.There are two other notable features in this release: Business Chat, which allows users to communicate directly with businesses, and Health Records, which allows for health data sharing with over 40 health systems.

For now, however, the former is restricted to the US and Canada, while the latter is available in the US only.Shortly after the general release of iOS 11.3, Apple also made available the first developer beta of iOS 11.4. According to 9to5mac, major new features include AirPlay 2, pairing with HomePod, and Messages on iCloud. Just because these features exist in the beta, though, doesn’t mean they will definitely be making their way to the general release of the operating system when it goes live

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