The power of this app in the hands of anyone from hobbyist scribbler to jobbing artist is apparent when you explore its brushes. Some are traditional tools – an HB pencil; a brush pen; wet acrylic. Others are rather more bizarre. The Textures brush set allows you to draw in halftone. Abstract sprays polygons everywhere. Touchups includes Zombie Skin for turning a loved one’s visage into something from Walking Dead.

All of these are editable, so you can adjust spacing, jitter, and a slew of other properties. Or you can start from scratch, using scanned sketches and photos as shape and grain sources, tweaking your tool to your heart’s delight. In a poke in the eye to iPad Procreate users, you can save, share and import these custom brushes, too.

That’s not to say Procreate Pocket is without niggles. Some of the more complex tools (notably, selections) are opaque – some built-in help would have been useful. A smaller canvas is always more limited than a larger one. And 3D Touch is no substitute for an Apple Pencil when in comes to fine pressure sensitivity control. Even so, Procreate Pocket now comes across like a properly first-rate tool whether you’re a regular gallery botherer, or just fancy a top-notch app for doing some virtual finger painting on the commute home.

Procreate Pocket is available for iOS.

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