Throughout, Homo Machina is never less than visually dazzling, full of character, texture and detail. The same is true of the soundtrack, which blends sound effects, melody, and background noise that perfectly matches the 1920s feel.

However, you must be mindful Homo Machina veers as much towards interactive movie as game. Everything is heavily choreographed, and there’s no sandbox. It’s more like ISLANDS: Non-Places in ushering you through a narrative in strict order, rather than letting you, say, randomly dart to the big toe to see what’s going on.

The narrative itself feels a bit old-fashioned, too, which is befitting of the aesthetic, but does come across a touch Mad Men. Still, there is humour and heart at the core of this mechanical being, not least when it attempts to whisper sweet nothings to a lady friend on a first date, and can only think of a fondness for breakfast foods. No wonder the manager is constantly stressed.

Homo Machina is available for Android and iOS.

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