Beyond that, there’s little else in an app that is – appropriately enough – very focussed. You can adjust the timings for the sessions and breaks, and get to choose from several optional white noise sounds that burble away while your phone’s face down, further helping you concentrate by masking out surrounding hubbub.

For some people, the limitations perhaps won’t click. There’s no means to glance at the timer to see how long a session has to run (although that perhaps misses the point – you’re meant to work until you’re told to stop). Also, there’s no tracking within the app to see how well you’re doing over a period of days and weeks.

But BFT’s elegance is part of the charm. This is a simple, no-fuss, affordable timer that anyone can use. More to the point, the intuitive way in which it works ensures BFT is effective, encouraging you to use your phone a little less when you should be working a little more.

BFT – Bear Focus Timer is available for Android and iOS.

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