If even that feels a bit too much like effort, the app’s packed full of templates. Select one, stab a remix button, and the template’s hurled into the editor. Again, its various components can be fiddled with or added to.

There’s also a Design button, fittingly twinned with a magic wand icon, which when tapped provides access to a couple of dozen poster-like designs you can overwrite your current work with. At that point, one of the app’s drawbacks – or at least idiosyncrasies – becomes clear: there’s no undo. Adobe, it seems, wants you to be in the moment, and there’s no going back.

That snag aside, all this faffing about with imagery whizzing about the place is all rather fun, and the end results are frequently impressive. Of course, it’s still not proper graphic design – just a large number of ‘canned’ layouts you can mess around with. But there’s enough flexibility within for people who want to unleash their inner Peter Saville on their smartphone.

Adobe Spark Post is in beta for Android. It was previously released for iOS. The app requires a free Adobe ID to use. A paid tier unlocks the option to import logos and define custom output sizes.

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