Here’s everything we know so far about Android P – Google’s next operating system

As first predicted by Bloomberg, Google has now confirmed that Android P will support an iPhone X-style “notch” or display cutout.

We saw a number of new Android phones, including the Asus ZenFone 5Z, at MWC featuring cut outs, so at this stage it seems Google is catering to these third-party manufacturers rather than necessarily planning an iPhone-X style notch for its own Pixel devices. Personally, I’d also like to think that Google is better than copying an Apple feature that’s more about style than function.

Elsewhere, Android P features new, improved messaging notifications. More specifically, you’ll be able to see images you’ve been sent and previous messages in a conversation directly from the notification draw, and you can also send photos and stickers without needing to open an app.

Among other refinements, replies you send from the notification drawer will also be saved as drafts in the appropriate app should you inadvertently close the notification. Like everything on this page, any of these refinements could be lost or change in due course, as successive developer versions of Android P are released.

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