One of the features of the Switch is that it can be docked and used as a regular console. But if you thought the Nintendo Switch dock was a complex piece of hardware, it actually isn’t.

It’s mostly a plastic enclosure with a small box that connects the different input cables to the Switch’s USB-C connection. The box basically takes the USB-C input from the Switch and splits it into an HDMI output and USB outputs, while offering a way to power and charge the console.

And that’s about it. Which is surprising that Nintendo charges $90 for the dock. Keep that in mind if you lose the original one or something happens to it.

The dock is basically a USB-C hub that provides power to the device and HDMI/USB output. The Nintendo Switch dock has one internal USB 3.0 port and two external USB 2.0 ports.

Here’s a new video that shows the dock being opened:

Nintendo Switch dock opened

Switch dock in action

And here’s what it looks like when the cables are connected to it:

Here’s the backside of the dock with the HDMI cable connected:

Switch dock back

There are also 2 USB ports on the outside, in addition to the one on the inside (the inside port is USB 3, the outside ports are USB 2):

And for good measure, here’s a look at the USB-C connector inside the Nintendo Switch dock:

Switch dock USB-C

Finally, here’s a diagram of what the dock contains:

Nintendo Switch dock

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