A majority of mobile users (89 percent) wouldn’t know if their device has been infected through a cyber-attack, revealing a massive lack of awareness of cyber-threats.

A recent survey by Promon discovered that 41 percent of respondents believed avoiding accessing important information through publicly shared Wi-Fi connections was enough to protect their mobile devices from cyber-attacks, and 27 percent rely on security apps.

Meanwhile, 22 percent admitted that they didn’t take any steps to protect their mobile devices against cyber-threats.

Despite several recent cases of password hacking including the attack of accounts on Dropbox, 43 percent of users rely on passwords to protect their smartphones from cyber-attacks.

“This study has shown once again that consumers need to be educated about the growing mobile threat, but much more importantly, that businesses need to have a proactive approach and focus on safeguarding their customers’ sensitive data and systems,” said Lars Lunde Birkeland, head of communication at Promon.

“It is paramount for businesses to take responsibility for securing their own data now, with the increased likelihood of mobile cyber-attacks and users’ lack of awareness of how to combat these threats. It is impossible for banks and businesses to teach their customers how to behave safely overnight,” Birkeland concluded.

This article originally appeared at scmagazineuk.com

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