Okay, Far Cry 5 isn’t out until March 27, but I’ve currently played a good 15 or so hours across various preview events, which means I already know things about stuff. Like how to liberate regions quicker, or how to earn perks faster and, most importantly, how to get the bear! Read on, then, for some Far Cry 5 tips to prep you ahead of the game’s release. 

Talk to people!

Far Cry doesn’t use towers any more to unlock the world or mark the map. Instead it gets a bit more Skyrim, where talking to people gives you mission info and adds quests to your journal. It’s hard to miss the essential stuff but make sure you chat to anyone and everyone you see standing around, in case they have something you can do.

Unlock the bear, dog or other characters right at the start

While we’re mentioning Cheeseburger the bear, it’s worth noting that you can unlock him pretty much from the word go with a mission to liberate the FANG Centre from the Eden’s Gate cultists. The main thing is to check your journal for any missions you pick up as it’ll tell you what or who you’ll unlock, and what additional rewards you’ll get for completing it. In any game, if a mission gives you a bear as a reward, do it. 

Choose your companions wisely and change then when you need to

As you play you’ll unlock a range of people and animals you can call to fight alongside you. While you’ll obviously have your favourites (the dog) it’s worth swapping various characters in and out depending on what you’re doing. You can dismiss and call them in at will so it makes sense to think about what you actually need. Grace, as a sniper, is great for ranged support. While Sharkey has a flamethrower that creates chaos at close range, and he’s resistant to explosions. Other characters pack silent bows, or rocket launchers and more, so depending on whether you want to go loud or stealthy, fight from a distance or up close, you might want to switch things around. Some also have perks that can affect things – Cheeseburger the bear draws all enemies towards him for example – so you can shape how fights play out as well as the weapons used. 

Make sure you max out your Resistance Points 

As with previous Far Crys, things you do in game earn you Resistance Points and when you fill the meter you can take on the boss for that area. Everything gives you points but some activities earn more than others, so check your Journal for the highest payout if you want to progress faster. For example, liberating an outpost pays out 400RP, while rescuing a hostage will earn you 50RP. That last one might not sound like much but one early side mission gives you a chance to rescue 9 hostages, so there are big payouts to win if you pay attention. You can also grab extra points along the way: killing a VIP cultist will earn you extra points, as will looting certain trucks. Just keep an eye out and you should be facing down the big bads in no time. 

Complete challenges to earn perk points

Speccing out your character involves unlocking perks and gadgets. That includes things like improving your skill with different weapons, or getting a wingsuit. Like the Resistance Points, almost anything you do can count towards this – kills with almost any weapon for example. It’s worth checking in your journal to see what progress you’re making in case there’s a gun that’s a few kills offs a perk point, so you’re not sitting on any unclaimed rewards. 

Keep an eye out for Prepper Stashes 

Scattered around the world in Far Cry are Prepper Stashes which is basically just a big ol‘ pile of loot waiting to be grabbed. There’s always a puzzle of sorts involved – usually a generator to start somewhere to open the door – but they’re worth doing because you’ll get a lot of gear and cash for a few minutes work. 

Complete Clutch Nixon challenges to earn cash and unlock vehicles 

You can buy, and pick up, vehicles in garages all over the work with in-game cash. Completing various stunts runs and races will also both unlock new vehicles and earn you the cash need to purchase them. Just look out for Clutch Nixon memorials who’s an Evel Knievel type stuntman in Far Cry 5 that used trucks, bikes, Wingsuits and more to blaze a trail across the world. Simply beat his records and you’ll have more money and rides to play with. 

And that’s it for now. We’ll have more when the game’s out, but in the meantime why not get a better idea of what to expect with our recent hands on with Far Cry 5, where we make the bear eat everyone

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