Now that the Nintendo Switch has been unveiled, the world knows what to expect from Nintendo’s console. We’ve seen a lot of people on the internet who seem to be unhappy with the presentation, but don’t let the lackluster way that Nintendo presented its newest console detract from what will make it a great system in the years to come.

1. Play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Let’s face it. We knew the instant Nintendo delayed this game on Wii U that they would bring it to the Nintendo Switch. And regardless of what Nintendo says about the Wii U version of the game, we have our doubts that it’ll run smoothly on aging hardware.

Part of the reason for Breath of the Wild’s delay is so that Nintendo could get it running on this new hardware. Now that we’ve seen it running on the Switch, we find it hard to want to play it on anything else despite already owning a Wii U.

Breath of the Wild looks to be an interesting experience, especially with the trailer that was showcased at the end of the presentation last night. This is the single reason I’m looking forward to the Nintendo Switch and that’s probably true for millions of people who are interested in a portable console.

2. The Switch factor is beyond amazing.

The concept for the Wii U that interested me most was Off-TV play. Not having to give up my gameplay to someone else in the household to watch TV was game-changing and I believe the Nintendo Switch expands on that idea by freeing itself from the tether that kept the Wii U GamePad at home.

The console itself is the tablet you’re holding. The dock you keep at home merely lets you switch between the console’s smaller handheld screen or your TV at home. You can dock it and keep playing right where you left off, which seems like magic to someone who remembers thinking the original Game Boy was the be all end all of portable gaming.

Nintendo’s refocusing of its console and handheld division into one hybrid console is a bold move, but I feel like it’s one that will pay off for both Nintendo and consumers over time. When you look at portable titles that appear on the Nintendo 3DS and consider that sequels to games like Monster Hunter, Professor Layton, Pokemon, and even off-shoots like Luigi’s Mansion will all release on this console, there’s a lot of potential here to be excited about.

3. Nintendo might finally get online play right.

Nintendo historically hasn’t been good with online play for numerous reasons. A higher population of younger gamers means Nintendo wants to keep those players safe from some of the verbal abuse that has become meme-famous for online services like PSN and Xbox Live Gold. Friend codes were their answer to that, but they were a pain in the ass that made playing online a hassle that’s more than its worth.

While we don’t have a lot of details about the way that online works for Nintendo’s newest console, we do know that it will be a paid subscription. That means Nintendo will have an incentive to keep customers happy, since customers who aren’t will stop paying for the online service.

While I’m still not sold on Nintendo’s strategy of using a smartphone application to handle voice chat and parties, it makes sense since most people today have smartphones. We’re still waiting to see more details on this one, but for now consider us cautiously optimistic about Nintendo getting serious when it comes to online play.

4. Nintendo Switch is one of the cheapest launch consoles.

When adjusted for inflation, the Nintendo Switch is actually one of the cheapest console launches to date. There are only three systems that beat it out and those are the Dreamcast, Wii, and the GameCube.

For hardcore fans who expect to play a lot of Nintendo games, this price is actually pretty decent with what you’re getting. While there are no games included in the Nintendo Switch bundle, you’re getting a Joy-Con controller set with charging dock and the dock for the Nintendo Switch, both of which are pretty costly on their own.

5. Region-free means tons of imports.

Every previous Nintendo console in recent memory has been region-locked, which means you have to buy the games for the console in the region where you purchased the console. That leaves out importing games from other regions that may not get released in your region. It was a huge bummer for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U fans who wanted to play Japanese versions of games that would never see release in Europe or North America.

Now, that won’t be the case. Nintendo has abandoned its region-locked policy which means you’ll be able to play any game that is released for the Nintendo Switch, no matter what region you live in. You’ll be able to import anything that doesn’t get released in your region, which brings Nintendo on par with Microsoft and Sony’s offerings.

6. Love JRPGs? This is the console for you.

For fans of classic JRPG games, the Nintendo Switch is the console you’ll want to buy. While the launch line-up for the console was rather sparse, several JRPG titles got announced that will make any fan of that genre excited for what’s next.

JRPGS headed to Nintendo Switch

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Project: Octopath Traveler
  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Disgaea 5 Complete
  • I am Setsuna
  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • Dragon Quest X & XI
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2
  • Probably Monster Hunter

While Nintendo and Capcom didn’t showcase a new Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo Switch, it’s highly likely that we’ll see one at some point in the future. I’m certainly excited about that, but the rest of these games will keep any hardcore JRPG fan busy for months.

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