Breakdown is a largely forgotten game that’s pretty special in its own way. It’s one of the earliest first-person games to focus more on melee combat than gunplay. It also has another hook: the camera always moves to reflect the main character’s point of view. Get punched in the face, and the camera jerks to the side. Eat a hamburger, and you’ll see your arm move in and out of your peripheral vision. Vomit that hamburger back up into a toilet, and, well, it looks like you’re actually vomiting into a toilet. Point is, Breakdown makes an earnest attempt at elevating first-person immersion.

You know GTA V’s first-person mode? You can draw a line straight from this to Rockstar’s newest experiment – and anyone’s who’s flinched at just how hard a punch seems to connect in that game will see the potential here. Even by today’s standards, Breakdown is impressive in its realistic use of camera movement, and a melee combat-centric reboot could easily develop a following.

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